By Carolyn Findley

Since my birth mother taught me cursive at the age of 4 (before learning manuscript or starting school), I have been in love with the craft of writing. As far back as I can remember, I have carried journals and notepads, anticipating any chance to write. …

Mental Illness & 10 Surprising Facts You Don’t Know

By Carolyn Findley

Crazy. Psycho. Fucked up. Loony. Nuts. Coo-Coo. Batshit Crazy. Each one of these names are words used to describe me by countless people throughout my life. Sometimes said jokingly, with a degree of affection; other times spoken with…

Carolyn Findley

Passionate Word connoisseur. Outspoken Blogger. Student Multipotentialite. Recovering Addict. Advocate. Jewelry Crafter. Creative Unicorn Lover. Wife & Mom.

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